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Cortez & Excelsior

The Cortez 2+2 Coupe and the Excelsior 2+2 Convertible are the latest versions of the Midas concept.
The 2+2 models combine the unique features of the Midas all-GRP monocoque with modern mechanicals to give an exciting, yet practical, car that stands out from the crowd.
Both use the Rover 100 (Rover Metro) as the donor car, giving a range of engines from 1100 to 1800cc.

The Cortez 2+2 coupe
The classic coupe styling and astoundingly large boot makes this a sensible proposition.
The combination of Midas chassis and Rover K-series engine make it an exhilarating drive.
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The Excelsior 2+2 convertible
Less is more!
Take away the roof and the 2+2 becomes even more exciting.
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Kit prices from £4750

Kit Car Magazine featured the Midas Excelsior in the October 2006 issue.
ďItís the carís confident flow, sharp but well regulated responses, grip, balance, smoothness and comfort that cement its attraction.Ē - Ian Hyne