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The Midas Mark 1 coupe made its debut at the 1978 Performance car show. The Mark 1 was based on Mini running gear and featured the all composite monocoque that is the Midas signature. The styling was by Richard Oakes, who has become one of the leading kit car designers and has styled all the Midas coupes since.

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Every Midas features the all-composite monocoque, which is still unrivalled for its strength and longevity. In 1985 the Midas Gold became the first all-composite car to pass the ECE12 30mph crash test and other essential safety features, such as the seatbelt mountings have also passed the relevant tests.

The quality of the design and construction of the Midas means that the bodies are less prone to crazing than other GRP cars. Many early cars are still on the road, but as Midas owners tend to use their cars frequently it is not unusual to find that the cars are on their second or even third set of running gear.

Indeed such was Gordon Murray’s enthusiasm for the car that he suggested some aerodynamic improvements. These were incorporated into the Mark 2 coupe of 1981 and the Mark 3 Gold coupe of 1985.

In 1989 the Gold convertible was launched to much critical acclaim, but a disastrous factory fire led to the end of the original Midas company.

After a false start with Pastiche Cars Ltd in 1990, GTM bought up the rights to the Midas range and re-launched the Gold convertible. In 1995 GTM commissioned Richard Oakes to design the Mark 4 2+2 coupe, now known as the Cortez. The Excelsior 2+2 convertible was added to the range in 2002.

Alternative Cars Ltd took over the reins in January 2004 and have focused on producing the Gold convertible and 2+2 models in kit form.