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Chassis: Midas composite monocoque. Lightweight, tough and durable.

Engine options: Austin / MG A+
998cc - (Standard, L & HLE models) - 51bhp
1275cc - (L,S &HLS models) - 63bhp
1275cc - (MG Metro, GTA) - 72bhp
1275cc Turbo - (MG Metro Turbo) - 93bhp

Gearbox options: 4 speed manual (all engine options)
4 speed automatic (998cc and 1275cc engines)

Suspension: Front & rear Hydragas system utilizing:
Front double wishbones with telescopic dampers and anti-roll bar.
Rear trailing arms .

Steering: Rack and pinion.

Brakes: Servo assisted dual circuit.
Front - discs (ventilated optional). Rear -drums.