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Enjoyment - Anyone who buys a convertible is looking for an enjoyable driving experience.
Whether you’re looking for wind in the hair blasts or to cruise along soaking up the sun’s rays, then the Excelsior will not disappoint.
The Excelsior combines performance and handling with a 2+2 body style that allows everyone to enjoy the open top motoring experience.

Individuality - every Midas is custom built to meet the owner’s requirements. Most often by the owners themselves!
The Excelsior is a 2+2 convertible that can be built to take 2 adults + 3 children, or 2 adults + 1 large dog, or 2 adults + luggage for several weeks, or whatever you want.
The Excelsior is the convertible that can meet your individual needs.

Less is more - the Excelsior retains many of the characteristics of its Cortez twin, including the strong composite monocoque, large boot and wide choice of engine specifications.
Taking away the roof adds the extra spice that only comes with open air motoring.